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We are passionate about our work, and welcome the opportunity to connect with others about it. If you are interested in our mission or would like to explore a custom project, feel free to reach out.

Artisans Angkor Stone Carving
About Us

Traditional handicrafts, contemporary designs

The wisdom of traditional handicrafts is best safeguarded in the hands of highly skilled artisans. They are the heart of Artisans Angkor, and their creations continually reinforce the unbroken thread that connects us to our culture. For decades, we have worked to revitalize Khmer craft industries, and this legacy allows us to move into the future as a proudly Cambodian-owned company, with a creative vision for the future.

About Artisans Angkor

Our mission is to preserve Cambodia’s traditional artistry through exceptional craftsmanship and the creation of high-quality handmade products, enhancing lives and preserving cultural heritage for future generations.

Silk Scarf and Cushion
Our Crafts

Cambodian culture comes alive in each of our products.

From silk-weaving to sculpture, silverware to lacquerware and jewelry, each handmade piece holds two stories; the story of its cultural origins, and the story of its maker.

Our Crafts

With a focus on quality, our strong foundation in traditional handicrafts allows us to create inspiring lifestyle products for the contemporary world.

Customization and Decoration
Our Services

From Angkorian carvings to unique customizations.

Our artisans are among the finest in Cambodia. As well as crafting popular products, their skill is often sought after for the restoration of cultural relics, as well as the creation of boutique custom projects.

Our Services

Our creations are as unique as the people who make them. Each piece tells an individual story as well as a connection to deep cultural roots.

Artisans Angkor Silk Weaver
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Experience our craft, first hand.

In the heart of Siem Reap, our central workshop is where many of our master artisans call home. We invite visitors to experience their skills in person, and take home a unique product from our flagship boutique.

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