Our Crafts

In a block of wood, we see a dancing Apsara. In a rough cut stone, a smiling Khmer king. In a field of mulberry trees, owing, patterned silk. Each hand-crafted product made by our artisans is a personal expression of deep Cambodian culture.

Silk Weaving


Thread by thread, patterns inspired by ancient imagery and Royal designs emerge from the steady hands of our weavers. The lengthy process from mulberry tree to clothes rack is a multi-stage journey for artisans and silkworms alike, working together to create timeless, unique products.



Precious metals are as enticing now as they were to our Khmer ancestors. Our silverware workshops continue creating iconic sculptures with intricate adornments that have been cherished for centuries.



Our inspiration is carved in the temples of Angkor. The ancient stonemasons provided a powerful benchmark for unique design and refined artistry. In the 1990s our first artisans were trained by masters in the restoration of temple sculptures. Now they are often called upon to continue this work. Their dedication to the precise technique of the ancients brings out the soul in each piece.



Whilst only stone sculptures have survived the test of time, the Khmer practice of woodcarving remains a constant and inspiring artform. Using local timbers, our artisans meticulously create, and recreate masterpieces, with a flair of their own.

Silk Lacquer


Sections of Angkor’s temples were once bright with colorful lacquer from local trees. Our artisans bring this ancient technique to classic and contemporary designs, celebrating its vibrancy and preserving an artform that had almost faded from awareness.